Tuesday, April 03, 2007

AFAM- April

First of all , Thanks to all of you for making AFAM , an event worth waiting for every month.

Apple, is the theme for this month's AFAM.Waiting for, all your unique n' extra delicious entries.


I was about to come here and ask you today!:))

Apples.Great,that's easy but is it easy to choose something unique?! Pondering!!!!!!!!:D

Hi Maheswari,

Apples,thats a nice selction....already have apples in my fridge...now let me start thinking what to present....

BTW what is the deadline for entry

Cool..I have a couple of them sitting in the fridge:)

Wow, i love apples. OK, getting ready to prepare something with apples.

WOW mahi
that is a wonderful picture..where u got it?

wow thats a good choice.

Maheshwari, I know I don't participate(due to time constriants)but apples is my current fav and I am so eager to show u a new recipe that I will take part in this one.

coooooooooolllll... my entry is ready then:) will post it very soon:)

My first time here I guess. AFAM is a good and interesting event. Is there a deadline?

Reena, 20th of every month is the deadline..

Apple .. awesome. First time here.. came through Trupti's blog. I like this event forces me to eat more fruits !! :D :D



New to blogging and also first time to your site.Love your idea.
I personally got tired of eating Apples ,with this event hopefully get to make/eat new variations.


Hi Maheswari,

I'm new to blogging and also to your site. Your event theme looks really interesting. Hoping to send in my entry soon!!

Hello Maheswari

I am deepa .I am totally new to this blog word.Very informative type .Cool.I would also love to participate in this contest .Please let me know where to send the entries .Do visit my blog too .http://recipesnmore.blogspot.com/


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Hi Maheswari,

I visit ur site first time.Nice pick.....Apple.....