Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey all...
Thanks for this overwhelming support for AFAM.I guess now i can sit, relax and have a baby.Rest as long as i can...:).By the way..i guess some of you thought i already had the baby..nope..i have to wait some more weeks (till nov 8th to be exact)...can't wait...can't sit..can't sleep ....can't cook..but of course CAN EAT ANYTHING!!!.Really really wish you all were living nearby, so i can just come barge(?) into your kitchen and eat whatever i want..:)).


OCT ' 07 : Mansi Desai from FUN and FOOD
NOV '07 : Chandrika from Akshayapatra
DEC '07 : Latha Narasimhan from The YUM Blog
JAN '08 : Nags from For the cook in Me
FEB '08 : SRA from When my soup came alive
MAR '08 : Raaga from The singing chef
APRIL '08 : Coffee & Vanilla from Coffee & Vanilla
MAY '08 : Dee from Ammalu's Kitchen
JUN '08 : Suganya from Tasty palettes

Please feel free to let me know if anything you want to change in this schedule.If anyone else wants to host a month, please let me know so i can add you.

Last but not least, my heartful thanks to Sandeepa of Bong mom's cookbook for passing this award....

Thanks again to all of you!!!


Vcuisine said...

Good luck Maheswari. Relax. Viji

Coffee & Vanilla said...


Thank you for choosing me to host your event in April'08, it will be a pleasure.

I'm hosting one event myself, Inspiring Food Photography, please come and vote for your favourite food photographer.

Thank you, Margot

sra said...

Maheswari, I'm looking forward to February. Will get in touch with you to learn about hosting an event.

sra said...

Oh, and thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Asha said...

Take care sweetheart.I know last one month is the hardest.Hope you have what you want to complete the family.Hugs!:))
Happy Ganesha to you all.

Sandeepa said...

Ha anything you like time to eat I think...before going on sleepless nights and diets.
Have fun, your son must be excited

Suganya said...

Wow Maheswari. Am honoured! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Sharmi said...

hey take care! congrats on the award:)

Nags said...

thanks so much for the opportunity :) and good luck with the baby!

Archana said...

Maheswari, can I host for July 08?
Visit my blog - Archana's Kitchen - to see if I can qualify:)

Coffee & Vanilla said...


I will be hosting April AFAM, but I'm a little confused ;)
Who is deciding about the fruit of the month?

Have a nice day, Margot