Thursday, March 13, 2008

Arusuvai food chain - Puli Koddel

Asha of foodie's hope had send the secret ingredient for Arusuvai food chain.The secret ingredient was spice powder to make Puli Koddel.The package was filled with it's aroma and some goodies for my son as well.It had books, a cute thank you card and letter for me with the ingredient details and recipe.Thanks to Asha for choosing me and for sharing the special recipe.Much appreciated.I made the dish according to Asha's original recipe , but used brinjals.(Actually i didn't have any ash gourd!).I paired this puli koddel with "keerai masiyal" and "cauliflower thoran".Will share that recipes later.

This is Asha's recipe for Puli koddel.

Adjust the ingredients,chilli pd,salt and tamarind to your taste.
1.Season with ghee,oil,mustard seeds,cumin seeds,red chillies,curry leaves,hing and garlic(optional).
2.Add 1/2 cup of water mixed with enough tamarind juice,salt,coriander leaves and cook until raw smell goes.
3.Add 1 or 2 tbsp of Puli koddel powder or to taste and mix well.
4.Add cubed and cooked Ash gourd or any vegetable with it's water and simmer for few minutes until gravy thicken a little.
5.Serve hot with rice(or chapatis depending on the thickness of the gravy).

This dish came out really well and i am planning to experiment with the spice powder for more dishes.I took the pictures as soon as i made, so u can see the steam coming out of the dish...:)


Asha said...

YUMMY dishes!! Thank you for accepting my Arusuvai, so glad your son enjoyed the books as well. Have a great Sunday, hugs to you Mahesh. Enjoy your trip, see you when you back!:))

indosungod said...

Hope the kiddie(the newborn) is doing fine and the mommy :)
Puli Koddel looks delicious and with brinjals looks doubly delicious. Will have to try it out.

Kalai said...

This looks wonderful, Maheshwari! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Jayashree said...

Looks good, Maheswari.....this dish is new to me.

meeso said...

Mmmm, the plate of food looks soooo good!