Monday, November 24, 2008

Ginger Chicken


Chicken - 2 lbs
Ginger - 1 1/2 " piece
Onion - 3 (medium size)
Tomato - 4
Green chillies - 8
Jeera - 2tsp
Red chillipowder - 3 tsp
Coriander powder - 3 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1tsp
Bay leaf - 2
Cardamom - 4
Cinnamon - 2
Cloves - 4
Curry leaves,coriander leaves,mint leaves - as needed
Lemon - 1
Oil- as needed
Salt - as needed


Clean and Cut the chicken.Marinate the chicken pieces with 1/2 tsp lemon juice and salt for 1/2 hr. Fry sliced onion in 3 tsp of oil until translucent and grind it with green chillies and jeera. In a heavy bottomed pan, heat 3 tsp of oil, fry bay leaf,cloves,cardamomcinnamom and then add grounded onion mixture.After few minutes, add grinded ginger to this and fry till raw smell goes away.Add salt and fry till oil separates.Now add turmeric,red chilli and coriander powders to this mix and fry for few more minutes.Finally add chopped tomatoes.Once tomatoes are well cooked ad the marinated chicken pieces and mix very well.Cover and cook it under medium heat.No need to add water.After chicken is well cooked, add the chopped mint,coriander and curry leaves to this and serve ot with rice/roti.


Asha said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mahesh, enjoy! :))
Ginger chicken looks yum. I bought 4 of those little Tapas plates too from World market last weekend, love them! :))

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow looks spicy and yummy.

Happy cook said...

WOw love the colour and it liiks so yummy delicious.

Vvs said...

Ginger chicken sounds grt and looks delicious too...No garlic thts smething different, gotto give a try...

Sharmi said...

hey Mahi, nice to see you too, after long. you have a nice pic in there:) all our old blog friends seem to have got lost somewhere in this huge blogsphere:(

Gita's Kitchen said...

Thank you very much for the comment. The ginger chicken looks very delicious and spicy, a new preparation for me. I should try this one soon....

Cham said...

Hey Mahesh
How r u? Such a long time.... The chicken is very fiery and looks tasty!

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Sagari said...

yumm spicy and yummy chicken recipe , love it maheshwari

SriLekha said...

first time to ur blog and it is too good!
do visit my blog when u find time and join in the savory event goiing in my blog!

dawn said...

wow...ginger chicken is really slurp.. it's very tough up here to obtain the ingredients...but i have found a great resource that i pass great along as well.