Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fish Roast - recreated!

I have been looking to recreate a fish roast I had during my last trip to Kerala.We had taken a backwaters trip and they had a floating small "thattu kada" style in the middle of the lake.Our guide and boat driver were raving about this restuarent and I was getting more n more excited as we got closer.I am looking everywhere and didn't find any "big" restuarent fgloating near by.Finally the driver pointed out to a small shack . The ambience was so bad , I was relunctant at first.But we had no choice to order something then there otherwise we would be starving  for the next 1 hour.Finally we decided to order, the owner came to our boat with a basket of fresh fish.I ordered Fish Masala roast from the menu while rest of family ordered different things from the menu.
This Fish roast was so good that my parents left their ordered stuff untouched and ordered 3 more plates of Fish roast.As my father quoted " I have never been a fan of fish until I had this dish.I can't believe I missed this nearby place for so long" .
So to cut the story short, I have been looking to recreate that dish and was looking around in the blogosphere.Finally got somewhat similar one here .Though this is not a exact replica, it came very close when it comes to taste.The main difference being, the original dish never had fried fish in it.
Give it a try...May be this will be that perfect fish dish that you have been looking for.

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