Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Request and AFAM - Apple round up

Hi all,
As you can see, my posts are less frequent now days.The good news behind this is that we are expecting our second baby this winter.So right now, suffering from all the wonders(?) of being pregnant...yeap..food aversion,nausea, etcetc..you name it ..i have it.I am not able to enter kitchen at all.All the cooking is done by H and got help from dear friends also.I couldn't participate in this month AFAM 'coz of the same reason.One day i love biryani, another day couldn't stand the smell of garam masala..weird isn't it?.Anyway coming back to the main request.I am heading for two monthes vacation to india.So i would like your help to host AFAM event during this time.Please let me know if you could do it for the monthes of MAY,JUNE and JULY.

Here we go ..the delicious entries for AFAM-Apple

Apple gojju by Ramya of Mane Adige

Apple pakoras by Swapna of Swad of India

Spicy Apple pancakes by Sukanya of Hot and Sweet bowl

Apple Cashew nut cake by Soumya of Foodlovers

Apple Chutney by Viji of Vcuisine

Apple Muffins by Viji of Vcuisine

Apple Carrot chutney by Asha of Aromahope

Applesauce oatmeal raisin cake by Bee of Jugalbandi

Sweet and Sour apple by Deepa of Recipes n' more

Chatpat fruit chat by Sridevi of Sreelu's Tasty Travels

Apple yogurt muffins by Swapna of Susarla's Kitchen

Apple Crumble n' spicy toast by Reena of Spice of Kerala

Apple ginger crescent rolls by Sharmi of Neivedyam

Apple salsa by Sigma of Live To Eat

Caramalised apples with vanilla by Coffee of The Spice cafe

Thanks once again to all of you for these delicious entries...


sra said...

Best of luck, Maheswari, take care of yourself and enjoy your holiday. Interesting entries there!

Bong Mom said...

Congraaaaaaaaaaats Maheshwari

All the best. Relax in India, have lots of rest and enjoy your pregnancy

Hugs to you and your little boy

FH said...

Good one this time around Mahesh:))

Take it easy and take care Mahesh.I was averse to all meats when I was pregnant!:D
You know you don't have to keep AFAM going,you can just take a break and come back when you can. Lot of bloggers are in India or taking a break,we don't get that many entries anyway.Of course,if somebody takes it up,it would be okay.I will be off for a break shortly.
Coffee has stopped her MBP too.What do you think?

DEEPA said...

Hey Maheswari ...Congrats for the baby !!!Enjoy UR journey back home ..I am not going any break this summer.So if it is ok then i could host "AFAM - for the month of MAY "...Do let me know on this

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey Maheswari, Congratulations!!!!! Really happy for you!
About hosting the event... Would have loved to, but am planning to go on vacantion sometime in May. Sorry :(

Sharmi said...

Hey Mahi, congrats and take care. have a nice vacation. In India you will have lot of ppl to pamper you so no problem with that:))

regarding becoming host, I am not very sure of my plans. so cant really promise. but If at the end there is no one then I will help for sure. its just that I have not hosted anything till now. so a lil scared.

Anonymous said...

maheswari, that is a beautiful round up. you please take it easy and enjoy your break.

bee said...

congratulations and hugs to you. thanks for this great round up. i'll send you an e-mail today.

Prema Sundar said...

Congrats Maheshwari.. good round up.Take care and have a good vacation.

Manjula said...

Thats a great news, Congrats Maheshwari!
Its good to be around family and parents when you are expecting. The joy just multiplies.
The AFAM-Apple round up is wonderful.
I agree with Asha, the event can take a short break.

Mishmash ! said...

Maheee...congrats :) Now I understand why you have been busy these days and not blogging frequently...take good care dear....and get pampered in India....Hugs to u :)


Sig said...

Wow, congratulations Maheswari, that is great news! Enjoy your time off... See you back soon!

Chinni said...

Hey Maheswari ...Congrats for the baby !!! Take care and enjoy your india trip.......

Sia said...

congratssssssssss mahi... now we all know the reason why u were not posting regularly:) have gr8 time in india and come back with a good news:)

Menu Today said...

Hi Maheshwari,
Congratulations!!!! Take care of your health. Nice roundup

Swapna said...

That's great news..Congrats and all the best! Pamper urself thoroughly..
Hey, I can host the event anytime -May, June, or July..Let me know when..

Roopa said...

Congrats ! mahi
Do take care of yourself
do have a nice time in India :)

Vini K said...

Congratulations dear Mahee..so glad to know you took the plunge and went ahead to welcome your second little one!I am still thinking:)the roundup is great.I am so sad I could not participate.But I will be glad to host it anytime after september.Take good care of yourself dear,and eat lots of good healthy food.I am sure the little one will be the luckiest in having a mom who can cook healthy and yet very yummy food!:)

Viji said...

Congratuations Maheswari. Take good care and rest. Nice round up. You need this break anyway. When you come back we will be there always. Viji

Anonymous said...

congrats! hope everything goes smoothly...take care and have fun In India.


Seema Bhat said...

Congratulations and take a break girl. Prioritize your work. This can wait...blogging can continue but your time now is to rest and get pampered. Go to India...have fun and relax and come back with a healthy baby.
Hugs to both mommy and the baby.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Maheshwari,
Congartes .Take care girl.My best wishes to you and your family.Have fn and enjoy this lovely period