Monday, February 12, 2007

Erode Pallipalayam Chicken and Liver fry

Erode Pallipalayam chicken, one of the simple chicken recipe from that part of tamilnadu, hence the name.I got this recipe from a tamil magazine and modified a little bit.


Chicken - 1lb (cut into small pieces and without bones)
Red chillies - 8
Small onion - 25 (sliced)
Garlic - 6 pod
Turmeric powder - 1/4tsp
Coriander powder - 1tsp
Oil - as needed
Coriander leaves - as needed(chopped)


Cut chicken pieces into small pieces.Chop garlic and small onions fine.Remove seeds from red chillies.In a heavy bottomed pan,heat oil and fry onion, garlic till golden brown.Now add red chillies.Saute for 2 mins. and add chicken and salt.Add turmeric powder and coriander powder.Keep heat on medium high and drizzle water.Do not add water, just drizzle whenever neccessary.Fry till chicken is well cooked and all the juices are evaporated.Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

Note : The original recipe doesn't call for turmeric and coriander powders.

Chicken Liver Fry


Chicken livers - 5-8
Red chilli powder - 2tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/2tsp
Coriander powder - 1tsp
Ginger garlic paster - 1tbsp
Lime juice - 1/4tsp
Salt - as needed
Oil - as needed


Mix red chilli,turmeric,coriander powders,salt,lime juice,gg paste.Marinate liver in this masala for about 1 hour.Deep fry them and drain excess oil by placing them in the paper towel.Serve hot with sliced onions.

Tips: If your eyes are irritated while chopping onions, just open and look into the refrigerator.VoilĂ's gone in a flash.


USHA said...

Hi Maheswari,

What going on dear?Chicken fry, chicken liver so tempting...

You know i'm great fan of goat liver,ofcourse chicken too...aftercoming here i had only once in my sister's home chicken liver..

Just finished my dinner with sambar ,chicken65.

Wonderful new tip.Let me share mine too, you can soak in water after chopping it into two portions and if you keep a candle light near by you while chopping,it also helps to some extend.

Hey by the way i forget to tell this:please don't forget to check under sofa tomorrow morning, kutti paiyan might have stored his food stuff there...hahahaha!!!!justkidding..

Bong Mom said...

My hubby loves chicken liver but I love mutton liver. I will make this with Ch. liver for him. Thanks

About the addition in your last post, it was so nicely written about your exp. with S. But I have to tell you that "a hubby who lets you sleep with the news blaring through the night is a gem of a person", so we now how nice and adjusting S is :)

Chandrika said...

Thanks Maheswari! My hubby loves chicken liver and I was at a loss for a good recipe. Now, thanks to you I will make it soon...

Chandrika said...

Maheswari, I forgot to mention this.. I love your profile photo...Is that your kid?

Unknown said...

Thanks Usha,Try this chicken liver and lemme know.S is a big fan of chicken liver too.Never tried goat liver before though.Thanks for the tips.My sis had mentioned me about candle light tip before.Lil one's today special naughty thing.... he mixed wheat cereal with channa masala and ate weird is that :D.

Thanks Sandeepa,Do try this one.
You are correct, he is a gem for adjusting with me...:D

Thanks chandrika,this one is delicious, do try and lemme know.Yeap, that's my son Ram in the profile.This was an accidental shot taken by the photographer.But i liked this one a lot and asked him to print this also..:D

FH said...

Hi Mahesh,I love your unique and authentic recipes.Chicken recipe looks great.I don't make Liver dishes but will save the first one and make it.Love the tip,hope nobody sees me with my head in the fridge and blinking like crazy!!:D If it works,it's a blessing,thanks.

indosungod said...

Erode Pallipalayam is my neck of the woods, Erode is my native place. We all like liver (Chicken, mutton) and the dish looks delicious and so appetizing.

Sri said...

Hi Maheswari...I love liver fry...oh i remember my sis and me fighting for equal share of it.Chicken fry look temptin too. Thanks for sharin the recipe maheswari.

Have a wonderful V day.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Mheshwari,
Erode pallipalayam chicken and liver fry looks yummy.. I remember mymom making liver masala. It would be so tasty that I always mix it with rice and have it..
And the chicken fry looks tempting.. Iam going to send this recipe to my sister who cooks a lot of non veg now..

Mishmash ! said...

Mahe, that picture of liver fry is making me all slurp!!! Liver dishes are my fav's but I've never had after coming to US:(


Unknown said...

Hi Macchu,

I tried your pallipalayam chicken ohhh man it was delicious.Our family just loved it.You are a wonderful cook.Thanks a lot for this delicious recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Friends,

Its really love to see all your comments on Pallipalayam Chicken. Im from pallipalayam.