Friday, February 09, 2007

For the love of strawberry...

These are my entries for this month's AFAM - Strawberry and Pooja's Valentine's day special.Pooja had asked share your valentine experience with the recipes you are posting.While posting this recipe i didn't have enough time to write about and totally forgot about it until Asha reminded me.

So sharing a few milestones of my journey with my H .His name is Subbarayalu and he is the most loving and fun to be with and will always choose him to be the better half if i get a chance to choose every time.Though ours is the arranged marriage, we got a whole year before marriage to experience love from both end of the world.He was working here in US and i was working in India.Poor guys tells me , he lost a fortune on telephone bills.I take each day as it comes while he thinks ahead like for 10 years.Perfect match isn't it?.I still behave like a out of control teenager while he acts for his own age..i mean like an adult :D.This is just a start, the list goes on.But all these differences make the life fun right?.We have our own differences and interests and during the course of these years of marriage learned to respect those.I feel secured and can do whatever i want whenever he is around and feel that he will always rescue me from any trouble i am in.It's been almost five years since we shared our lives and i surely think the most fun is yet to come.

Strawberry Ginger Lassi


Strawberry flavoured drinkable yogurt(non fat) - 1 (8 oz)
Sugar - 1-2 tbsp
Vanilla essence - 1tsp (optional)
Ginger - 1tsp (grated)
Ice cubes - as needed


In a blender , mix yogurt,vanilla,sugar,ginger and ice cubes and blend very well till it foams up.Serve it chilled and garnish with fresh strawberry.

Tips : You can substitute strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberry and plain non fat yogurt.

Double layered Fruit Sandwich

Ingredients (for one sandwich)

Filo dough - 6 sheets
Cantaloupe - as needed (sliced into medium sized pieces)
Strawberry - as needed ( sliced)
Whipped cream - as needed ( i used cool whip,lite)
Olive oil/butter - as needed


Thaw filo dough as per package instructions.Take one sheet and place securely on a parchment paper lined baking plate.Brush olive oil on the sheet and place another sheet on top of it.Like this, layer 6 sheets on top of each one.Now divide this in to three equal pieces.Fold carefully into small sized squares.Bake this until golden brown.Let it cool down.Now spread whipping cream on the base square, and then add fruits.Like this add another layer and top it with another filo square and some fresh sliced strawberries.

Recipe source , got it from filo dough package cover.

Fruit skewers


Cantaloupe - sliced
Strawberry - sliced
Tooth picks - as needed
Whipping cream - for garnish


Spear sliced strawberries and cantaloupe onto toothpick by making a sandwich.Drizzle chocolate syrup all over the fruit skewers.Garnish with a dollop of whipping cream.

Chocolate dipped strawberries


Semi sweet chocolate chips - 1/4cup
White chocolate chips - 2tbsp
Fresh strawberries - as needed


Melt both the chocolate separately by placing them in microwave for about a min.Stir the chocolate nicely and make sure no lumps are there.Dip strawberries in the melted semi sweet chocolate and place them in a parchment paper.Dip a fork in the white chocolate and drizzle it all over the strawberries.Keep them side till they are dry and set.

Recipe source for Choc.dipped strawberries : Food network


Bong Mom said...

Those skewers look grrrrrreat, thanks a lot. The sandwich is also a neat idea, wow great entries
Mine is only a pic, no recipe, so am not sure if I can send it to you

USHA said...

Hi Maheswari,

Mouth watering strawberry treat.....hey you made me to droll over here....
All the receipes are really amazing.....

Anonymous said...

What was it that I just saw!!!!! Looks like some buffet spread!!!! My My All are looking great Maheshwari :) Glad to note ur version of chocolate dipped strawberry as well :)

So when r you inviting me over for dessert lunch/dinner ??? ;)

Manjula said...

Nice strawberry recipes..The red and the heart shaped strawberry..perfect for valentines..

Unknown said...

Thanks Sandeepa,Just send the pic. as the entry.

Thanks Usha,Try them out, they made my day today..

Thanks coffee,You are always welcome.

Thanks manjula, hope you try it out soon.

FH said...

WOW!! Mahesh,you got almost all recipes made and we don't have anything left girl!!;D
They are all great looking and the first photo is fabulous.Great job.Can't wait to see the round up.Any memorable moments you have with your hubby for Pooja's event?!

indosungod said...

Maheswari you have gone all out for Valentine's Day. Strawberry Ginger Lassi looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

How come I missed your love story the first time!!!!! Well I share lots with you it seems.... will try to write mine as well ;)

FH said...

Mahesh,loved reading your life with S!! You can have difference in likes and dislikes and still be a wonderful couple.You act like teenger bcos you feel loved and secure with him,which great for a marriage.
PS: One day ,I would love see all your photos too!:))
I was volatile and Arvind is always calm,now I am calm and he flares up sometimes bcos of the work stress but I know how to put him in his place promptly!:))
Have a great Valentine's day and enjoy the weekend!:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mahi looks like u have plenty of time to do all these:). Nice pictures, lovely.

Mishmash ! said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the number of entries...!! Is there anything left for others ?? just kidding ok :)First pic is unique. Well, it was nice to read about u and ur soulmate. Have fun on V-Day. Hope u got more berries left at home :)


Anonymous said...

wow...lovely recipes...great pics...~smile~...thanks for sharing...

Sia said...

strwberries...strwberries...strwberries... lalalalaaaa...
he he he... i'm seeing so many strawberry recipes..thanks to u :)
i have posted my entry today in my blog:)

Seema Bhat said...

lovely...all of them are just lovely. The sandwish with fruit layer, the skewers and oh my god the cocolate diped straberries all of them are mouth watering. I too made chocolate dipped straberries from coffees blog. Now gottu try the rest of your recipes

Sia said...

mahi... just read ur and ur hubby's story and girl u know what i felt? i felt u are narrating my story... its a xerox copy of my life except that we r married for 1 year:) i still can't belive how similar our love stories are... ouch... just pinched myself;) touch wood... god bless u to get ur hubby for janam janam:)

Unknown said...

Thanks Indo,I had fun making these.

Thanks Asha,After 5 years, now i am learning to put him in place :D.
Right now, searching for that perfect pic. to post.Actually S is not that fond of taking pic.s.

Thanks Coffee, would love hear your story too.

Thanks Padmaja.Actually lil one takes a solid 3 hour nap during the afternoon.So all my cooking is done during that time.

Thanks Mishmash.Sadlyi used up all the berries, but lotz of chocolate is left .:D.Happy V-day.

Thanks dilipji,waiting for your truffle recipe.

Thanks Sia.Touchwood.Life with S is like eating a rocky road ice cream ..:D.All the kadak-mudaks are very tasty and as u go towards the ice cream it is smooth and delcious..:D.I have just finished the surface of the icecream, and long road to go for that smooth and delcious ice cream.I really don't know what i just wrote here, but surely hope that you get my point.All the best for you and your betterhalf.Enjoy each day as it comes.Happy V-day.

Thanks seema, my lil one loved that fruit sandwich.Try them with wontons, that seems to be easy and less messy when lil one gets a hand on it.Happy V-day.

Prema Sundar said...

OOh look at the spread .. they all look so lovely.. Nice to read about u and ur betterhalf

Pooja said...

Hi Maheswari,

Was just looking for your words in reply to my comment , and then realised that there is no comment from me :( , actually i posted it as soon as i got your entry, somehow after that the page was on refresh mode , i thought i might have reached to you, as once it happened to me with aroma of asha, but finally comment was there.
anyway here, I am again :) .
this is really a wonderful entry for Vday, along with all other strarberry entries aming my mouth water here .... i have entry for oyur event ready , was out of station for some days in between, will post it soon ,as the same i have for my event too.
thanks for participating and sharing. I really feel good to have your regular entries. Its a pleasure for me.

bee said...

that lassi pic is wicked.


Anonymous said...

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udit said...

This baverages looks delicious ... very interesting and makes me want to try to make it ..

udit said...

drink fresh look at all ... I can not wait to make and try it.

udit said...

drink fresh look at all ... I can not wait to make and try it.