Sunday, February 25, 2007

AFAM-Strawberry Round Up

Strawberry, the fruit of love.Here is the delicious entries submitted by fellow strawberry lovers for this month's AFAM-Strawberry.Thanks to you all for these entries and sharing few interesting write ups along with these entries, which made all the dishes more sweet.

Here are all the delicious entries....

Strawberry Banana Dessert by LakshmiK of VeggieCuisine. This smoothie look a like desset is made extra rich and creamy by adding a secret ingredient , Apple sauce.

Apple-Strawberry Galette by Trupti Of The Spice Who Loved Me .This Delicious combo of Apples and Strawberry is very easy to make and a perfect delicious dessert for V-day.Check out Trupti's other blog events.

Strawberry Vanilla Twist by Usha Of Samayal Ulagam .A drink with the touch of two interesting flavours, strawberry and vanilla.

Strawberry Shortcake by Asha of FoodiesHope .This divine dessert is deliciously layered with shortcake,strawberry yogurt,whipping cream and some strawberries.

Chocolate dipped Strawberries by Coffee of My kazhana of recipes. Check out Coffee's V-day facts with this all time V-day fav.dessert in her blog.

Strawberry Tender Melts by Sushma of Recipe Source .This recipe of love is a perfect duo to go with Sushma's V-day Recipe of love poem.

Strawberries by HK of UNKE DUSHMAN HAI BAHAUT AADMI AACHA HOGA !! .Nothing to say here..right?..Strawberry as it is ...

Strawberry Micro cake by Swapna of Susarla's Kitchen .This mouthwatering micowave cake is the easiest one to impress someone in no time.

Groom berries with Bride berries by Shn of Mishmash! .These cute little creative desserts were dedicated to all her fellow bloggers and friends.

Strawberry Cheese cups by Prema of Prema's Cookbook .This creamy, crispy cups is one of her H's fav.items on her V-day special menu.

Soy Yogurt Strawberry by Jai & Bee of Jugalbandi . Another healthy,nutritious item which can be served as breakfast.

Strawberry Murabba by Madhuli of Food Court .This super simple jam is a yummy dessert to satisfy both her H and lil' one.

Strawberry Banana Sorbet by Jai & Bee of Jugalbandi .According to Jai & Bee, this is a guilt free item to enjoy after a hard workout.

Strawberry Ice cream by Jyotsna of Currybazaar .This is a delicious result of her various permutations and combinations with Strawberries.

Strawberry Protector by Bhargavi of MAA INTI VANTA .As the name suggests, it's a healthy drink with a touch of honey and kiwi fruit in addition to strawberries.

Vanilla Strawberry Muffins by Priya of Akshayapaatram .These nicely golden brown based muffins are the perfect choice for a warm breakfast.

Strawberry Jam by Viji of Vcuisine .This homemade jam is yummilicious.

Strawberries by Sandeepa of Bong Mom's Cookbook .What can i say, her lil one made a wise and healthy choice of eating it as it is...:)

Mini Strawberry Trifles by Rachel of Rachel's Bite .She made max use of Florida's fresh strawberries by making these delicious mini trifles.

Strawberry Smoothie by @ of Yum Yum Mum Mum .As her blog title suggests, it's YUM YUM YUMMY...

Strawberry Ice cream by Pooja of My Creative Ideas .She had shared this delicious recipe with some of her V-day memorable moments.

Beet Treat by Pooja of My Creative Ideas .This healthy, refreshing , vitamin rich drink is another entry from Pooja.

Strawberry - Ginger Lassi by Maheswari of Beyond The Usual .A lassi with a touch of ginger makes it special.Check out her other 3 entries also.

Thanks again for all of your entries and looking forward for your suggestions on next month's fruit.The most suggested would be next month's fruit.


swapna susarla said...

Wow mahi
once again u made this event a wonaderfull one!!!!!congrats!!!!!!!!!!
look at those mouth watering dishes with strawberries!!!!!yummy!!!!!

Seema Bhat said...

How beautiful the even roundup looks. Beautiful entries. Sorry about not being able to participate this time but surely will do for the next AFAM. By the way what is the fruit for the next month?

USHA said...

Hi Maheswari,

Wonderful work!!!!Colourful strawberry roundup in various form....nextmonth i think we can do with "An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away "

Viji said...

A nice round up with different creative ideas. So nice. Viji

bee said...

what a beautiful array of recipes. thanks for organising this and for giving us the opportunity to participate.

- bee

Rachel Rubin said...

So many great ideas!!! I'm definitely going to try some of those drinks with all the strawberries we have down in Florida.

Next month is the Plant City Strawberry Festival. They do everything you can imagine with strawberries down there. It's kind of fun.

Lakshmik said...

Nice roundup Maheshwari. So what is the fruit of the next month :)

J said...

Good work Mahe! Thats a wonderful round-up. Seeing all those strawberry goodies, I think we can have one more month of strawberries and everyone can come up with a bunch of new recipes! What's the fruit for next month? Orange? Watermelon? Lemon?

FH said...

Hi Mahesh,I don't know where to start girl!!What a great collection and beautiful round up!Good job.
LOL @ the last entry!!You did a great job too with Strawberries!:))

Next fruit?Hmm..I was thinking Apple bcos it's widely available than any other fruit.

smdatta said...

Wow Maheshwari...Lovely round up. All the entries look so good and thanks for all the hard work

Mishmash ! said...

Way to go, Mahe !!!! Berry Bash is fabulous. AFAM is a great idea; if someone wants to know what can be made with a particular fruit, AFAM is the right place with a great deal of choices accompanied by photos. WOW!! WOW!!


TNL said...

Wonderful Roundup! All of them look delicious..everyone deserves an applause!

next month's about Kiwis or Honeydew or Cantaloupe?


Anusha said...

what a beautifully pink roundup :)

my suggestion fornext month - oranges!

Anonymous said...

Nice round-up Maheshwari.Sorry I missed it this time. So, what's the next fruit? apples? oranges?

Vini K said...

Hi Maheshwari,nice roundup.I will definitely participate in the next month's AFAM..this month I was still busy but now that is over and I am free to catchup with all events.

Prema Sundar said...

Now I know that u can cook so many dishes from strawberry.Nice round up and great job Maheshwari.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mahi,

What a wonderful array of lovely dishes...Thanxs for putting up all of them in such a fantastic way. Appreicate your work alot.


Chandrika said...

Wonderful roundup! I missed it this time too...How about cantaloupe for next month?