Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thankful for....

A thankful list to mark the year end, 

  1. Kids...That too happy ones (well most of the time) ..ever thankful.
  2. Family – You know who you are, especially thankful for finishing up a conversation with me in person/phone ;)
  3. Friends – Again encouraging /commenting whenever needed.
  4. Skype – Feels I am never far way from Mom.
  5. Job – and that too an exciting one.
  6. My Kitchen – a perfect one, to show off my rage/happy moods.
  7. People – Mostly whom I meet on daily basis, an INSPIRATION!
  8. TV/Movies –for helping forget my dull moments.
  9. Father in Law – Most amazing optimistic person I have met. Help me grow as an individual. Missing you.
  10. Though we had our share of similar & opposite opinions, am thankful for the one who encourages and keeps me going, Picks me up   when I fall (which is quite often) -Dear Husband.


Anupama said...

Very Well said.

Ranjitha said...

very beautifully written... :)

Ranjitha said...

nicely written.. very beautiful.