Thursday, October 12, 2006

Diwali Special #1 Arisi Murukku

As diwali on the way ,my hubby wanted alteast 5 special food items for the festival which reminded him of his childhood diwali.(i just asked what u want for diwali? will i know he will give a long list..:))So in his list the first item was "Murukku"(Chakli).There are many types of murukku, kai murukku, thenkulal,inippu murukku..etc..the list goes on.My version of murukku is simple 'Arisi mullu murukku' or rice murukku made using murukku press or sevai press.This gadget makes the job very easy.It comes with many discs with thin holes, bigger holes, star shaped holes and flat rectangular holes , easy to make murukku in any shape.I use the same press for savories like kara chevu, omapodi etc.

Arisi Murukku


Rice flour - 4 cups
Urad flour - 1 cup
Butter - 3/4 stick (kept under room temp)
Jeera - 2tsp
Sesame seeds - 2 tsp
Perungayam - 1/2tsp
Salt - as needed
Water -as needed
Oil - for frying


Mix rice flour,urad flour,salt,perungayam,jeera,sesame seeds and butter together into a dough using required water.The murukku dough should not be very soft or very hard.The consistency of the dough is somewhat like that of a cookie dough.Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan for frying.Now fill the murukku press with the dough.(i selected the star shaped disc for getting this rough edged mullu murukku).Press the murukku press, making circles (or any shape u want) in the hot oil. Fry it until it is golden brown in color and drain oil.Store it in an airtight container.You will be able to keep it for monthes.

Murukku Press


Anonymous said...

Maheshwari, You have already started your preparation...thats interesting...I do this murukku often..I love murukku but I hate doing it- especially frying in the oil takes all the time and you become tired:(

jayshree said...

Murukku looks yummy.. this is my favorite. So Diwali is all Set!!

Maheswari said...

Priya,Yeap it's a tiring job..but what to do, it was FIRST on his list, couldn't say no.. :))

Jayashree, thanks and yes, all set for diwali..all sweets will be there but i miss firecrackers...

Foodie's Hope said...

I am drooling!! Chakli is fav. snack!! You guys have alredy started cookin for Diwali!!I haven't started yet!!BOO HOO!!

Rashmi said...


First time to your blog.Crawled here through your comment in my blog.List of recipes i will try leisurely.

Seeing muruku i smell diwali.

I like the combo of lemon rice+coriander chutney.Could you post the recipe for Coriander Chutney?

Maheswari said...

FH,My fav. snack too..Actually my toddler is cooperating for a wanted to finish everything ASAP..:)

Thanks.will post it soon..

vkn said...

Thank for sending these fabulous arisi murukku Maheswari to VCC. Yet another winner entry! All the best. See you at the show!

My Dhaba

Anonymous said...

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Nandhini said...

You need a right tool to make muruku. The job was done like a breeze, just with one hand ! It was so easy to press.
When compared to the conventional tool made out of wood or aluminium - you need two hand and have to press very hard and it becomes very difficult to make when the oil is hot :(