Monday, September 10, 2012

More Kazhi Urundai

A traditional snack/breakfast item , been there for ages. You might have or should have come across this at some point in you life.If not, it's high time to try this one.

You will need
Rice Flour - 1 cup (I used Sambha rice flour thus the color)
Yogurt - 3 tbsp (make sure it is fresh)
Mustard seeds -  1/4 tsp
Dry Red chillies - 2
Curry leaves - 2
Oil -  2 - 3 tbsp
Salt - as needed
Water - to sprinkle
Idli Podi - to serve
How you will make
Heat oil in the pan on medium heat and splutter mustard seeds.Once that's done, add red chillies, curry leaves.Fry for few seconds and add rice flour and saute them.Add salt as needed now.Once everything is mixed well, switch off the heat and add 3tbsp yougurt to this rice mixture.Mix well and start making small balls out of it. Note: sprinkle just enough water if flour mix looks too dry to make balls. Once urundai (balls) are made steam cook them for about 10 minutes.Serve them hot with idli podi. In my experience these are best served right away  as these tend to get a harder layer if kept for too long.
Note :I had chopped curry leaves as well, so that it is hard to throw away and kids will eat it hidden inside the urundai.

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