Wednesday, August 23, 2006


After a long year..i am back to was year full of surprises..went to meet my people after a long three years and they all were excited to see ram.came back and had to move two places 'coz of hubby's job and now comfortably settled (hope will stay here for long :)) thought of starting to blog now.Ram is growing so fast and started speaking quite responding thru words and amazingly hooked onto books and tv..and learned all the alphabets and number1-10.i don't know whether it too early or not..anyway i am not pushing him and it's a comforting thing that he is doing it by himself..and hubby..poor guy he is so busy..he usually gets time for us only on the weekend..i don't know the feeling abt this place is very nice and felt like hom when i moved in..hope this works out..
Came across few nice food blogs when goggled for one authentic kerala recipe..a recipe for breadfruit..thaks to IngiPennu..this recipe somewhat alike my mom's recipe..
I will try this one over the weekend..Really amazed by the food blogs out there..and for people like me theses recipes are going to be very helpful and these are again coming from experienced cooks...Planning to try out Ingipennu's shredded chicken recipe this weekend..looks delicious..

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