Friday, August 25, 2006

Weekend cooking

This weekend flewed by..had some friends over for this weekend and had fun cooking.Tried Butter chicken masala and naan came out very nice and all my friends loved it.though i am not a big fan of canned tomato , i used it in butter chicken as per recipe and it smelled and tasted very good.For naan, i didn't have a grill pan so i used the usual iron skillet which i use for making dosas.I have a doubt whether we can store the naan dough for future use in the fridge just like chappathi dough.then it will be easy for me to make lunch for my hubby who leaves by 7.00 am.I am going to post abt this on Archana's blog. Cooked my mom's mutton dry curry.It tasted a bit sweet, may be the mistake was i didn't fry onion very well.When my mom's cooks this recipe you can't tell whether there is onion.Pictures for butter chicken and naan didn't turn out very well 'coz of the poor lighting.Mutton dry curry pic.below

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