Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cappuccino n' Paruppu vadai

Cappuccino, an excellent coffee drink , with simple ingredients and a twist this drink becomes special.Got this recipe from my lil sis who learned it from her friend.It's so funny how we first made this together.We made this together while talking over the phone and she was dictating me.We both we kept beating coffee+sugar mixture and asking each other "is the this the right color?".she knows the right color 'coz she had seen her friend make this.So finally after beating(?) we finally made to that particular light brown color and the flavour was amazing.

Paruppu vadai, another famous south Indian snack.We use Yellow split dal instead of channa dal or toor dal for this vadai.Yellow split dal adds more taste.


Instant coffee - 2tsp
Sugar - 4tsp
Water - 1/2tsp
Milk - 1 cup
Cocoa powder - for garnish


Mix coffee and sugar using 1/4 tsp water and beat it well with a fork.If you need more water, just sprinkle little bit at a time.The paste should b thick not watery.Keep beating it till the color of coffee-sugar mix is somewhat light brown.Heat milk in a pan and add a tsp of coffee-sugar mixture to milk.(Amount of coffee mixture added to milk depends on how strong you want your cappuccino to be).Garnish with cocoa powder.Serve it hot.
P.S: You can add grated or chopped ginger if you like.

Paruppu vadai


Yellow split dal - 1 cup
Red chillies - 7
Asafoedita - a pinch
Curry leaves - as needed
Onion - 1/2 (chopped)
Jeera - 1tsp
Salt - as needed
Oil - for deep frying


Soak yellow split dal (pattani paruppu) for 2hrs.Take out 2 tbsp of dal and keep it aside.(Got this tip from Priya of sugar n' spice).Grind remaining dal+red chillies+jeera into a coarse paste.Mix in asafoedita, chopped curry leaves and the 2tbsp dal.Add slat and mix well.Make small patties out of it and deep fry them till golden brown.I served it hot with coconut chutney.

Tips : You can store the beated coffee-sugar mixture in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.


Jyothsna said...

Cappuccino and parippu vadas.... perfect for any evening! Loved it!

Sia's corner said...

i love yellow mung dal vadas. they r so crisp and crunchy. i love cappuccino from cafe coffee day:) mmmm... we friends used to spend long hours with a cuppa and yummy samosas and pastries:)

Asha said...

Mahesh,this is called Mocha Latte in Barnes and Nobles.Looks great,perfect sprinkling on top.
Of course,I LOVE any kind of Vadai,YUMMY and looks divine.I would swap any sweets with vadas anytime!:)

Btw,I know what Vishu is know,we call it Ugadi in Kannada.I don't do Saraswathi pooja but for Ganesha,I might do ONE sweet,that's it!:D

Sandeepa said...

ha ha liked it how your sis was dictating over the phone about the color, you should have had a web cam :)
Love vadai with coffee :) used to have it a lot when in B'lore, at work they would have medu vada and all other kinds as snack :)

Hema said...

A perfect nashta for a rainy day! We call this masal vadai. Yummm.

USHA said...

Hi Maheswari,

Both the dishes are delicious...and one doubt yellow split dhal means is it dried pattani?

Maheswari said...

Thanks is perfect for a rainy day..

Thanks sia,i love esply the vadai on tea shops...:D

Thnaks Asha, same her..i love all the vadas.Today going to make urad vada for oe my pregnant friend..:D.
We make sundal for sarswati pooja.

Thanks Sandeepa,It so much fun we sis.s have ..talking over the phone.All we can talk abt is cooking, eating,recipes..:D.

Thanks Hema, yeap..this is more than perfect ...

Thanks Usha,I don't know exactly what it is called in tamil.In indian ghrocery stores , it is written "Yellow split dal".My Father in laws calls it "Pattani paruppu.Looks almost like channa dal.

swapna said...

Hi maheswari
normally i prepare this dish with gram dal.yellow split dal means large toor dal right?i too leve some dal for the tastiness.the cappucino is looking great!!!!

Manjula said...

I love these kinds of Vadas made with any dal. They are crunchy and delicious.
You said Yellow split dal. Is it yellow split peas? or moong/chana?.

Lakshmik said...


Paruppu vadai looks very very delicious. Thanks

sra said...

you know what, as soon as i saw the headline, i thought you meant cappuccino in vadas!!!

Mishmash ! said...

Mahe, I often get confused b'wn Cappuccino and Latte!!! to make things worse, ppl use it quite interchangeably too!! I should confess here that I'm not good at making coffee:O Infact, CJJ makes the best lattes and if u re interested, u may try Hazelnut Belgian Cafe, coffee drink mix from Walmart;follow ur same method and add the hot milk to ur coffee mug. Its tastes really good :)Btw, ur vada's look nice.

Coffee said...

COFFEE!!!!!! I don't need to say how much i love it :) My name says it all!!!!! :)

Coffee and wada's!!!!!!! Perfect snack!! :)

ANJALI J. said...

nice entry!! loved the vadais.. they look delicious..