Thursday, February 08, 2007

Meat samosas and a MEME

Monthly Blog Patrolling,a blog event by Coffee which is exciting and interesting and a very nice way to thank our fellow foodies by cooking one of their recipes.This time MBP's theme is finger foods.So i decided to try out Shaheen of Malabar spices 's Meat samosas.Thanks Shaheen for sharing this delicious recipe and other authentic kerala recipes like pathiri,puttu etc..i can go on n' on about her delicious recipes.There are only few number of blogs that are dedicated to share these authentic, traditional kerala recipes and i bet shaheen's is one of the top ones.On another note, her contribution to Daily tiffin is amazing and very helpful.

I had added one boiled potato to the meat filling for extra quantity, which didn't affect the taste.I had used store brought chinese vegetable roll pastry sheets.Here is how i made samosa wrappers.Working on one sheet at a time, fold it diagonally to make a triangle.Seal all the edges using your fingers dipped in water.Then again fold once, to form a triangel and seal the edges.Finally place a tbsp of filling in the sheet and again fold to form a trinagle.Make sure all the edges are closed properly.Deep fry them.

Tips: While working with these pastry, always cover them with damp paper towel to keep them from drying out.And cover prepared samosas also with damp paper towel before deep frying.

5 Things Most people Don't Know About Me

Saneepa had tagged me for this meme.First thanks to sandeepa for this, i enjoyed writing it.I am basically a very open person, like blah..blah..person.You will notice that when you first meet me :D.So i did my best to come up with five things that people don't know about me (people close to me know some of these things ).

1.I am crazy with my bedtime rituals.I am afraid of dark and i won't sleep on one end.Still i am sleeping on H on side and Lil' one's crib on other side.i need a small night light and radio on while going to sleep.thank god, h and lil' one got used to it.Now lil' one wakes up as soon as the radio is we hear the news all night long.I say three prayers before going to bed which roughly takes about 20 minutes.I have a strong feeling that the next day won't be good if i don't say those prayers.

2.Whenever i am watching my fav. show on tv, watch with my mouth half open..(full open if the show is very interesting,particularly most of the L&O , CSI shows).I can't hear anybody calling me if i am infront of the tv.

3.I hate doing laundry.Especially folding clothes.Every week when my mom calls me, the first que. she asks me is "so did you do laundry this week?".she know how much i hate it.Nowadays H makes sure i do it once a week atleast..:)).

4.I go crazy if i can't find something.Crazy means very crazy..the whole house will be turned upside down..Especially the TV remotes and Lil' one is very good at hiding those.Today he had hidden H's watch, and deperately searching for it till now.He loves that tv ad (for an insurance company i guess) where a kid flushes her dad's watch and says "uh..oh..".If that's the case..:(((

5.Last but not least, i speak lil bit (?) loud..H complains that his hearing ability had gone considerably down during this 5 years of marriage.People close to me can find me by my voice in a big crowd..:)).Got even published in a malayalam newspaper called malayala manorama for screaming n' making halla for college election.Parents got know about it through uncle who saw the paper, but couldn't do anything to me except for calling me over the phone and yelling.'coz by the time it got published, i was long gone for engineering college..:))
I tag Usha and Lakshmik.


Asha said...

LOL at all your quirkyness and you got in the papers for making too much noise!!!HeHe! Very funny.Did you read mine? It was fun doing this MeMe.

Meat Samosa looks great.I made some munchies too today and I willpost for your event tomorrow at Aroma,ready to go.

Mahesh,you should create a logo for AFAM like Kalyn's WHB but more colorful.I don't know how to,I would have made it for you.

Lakshmik said...

Thanks Maheswari. Will post my meme soon.

swapna said...

hi maheswari
so u are a great leader//:-D
mine is also a big voice..whenever i say anything loud my hubby says..:ush..ush.."..hee hee hee
i also do prayer while going to bed but just 5 minutes..:-(
very fun reading ur meme..

Maheswari said...

Asha thanks for suggesting that logo.I will try to make it.I read yours..and posted a comment just now..eee

You are welcome Lakshmi, waiting for yours..

Maheswari said...

Thanks H says we don't need a phone at home..i can just scream to reach him at the office ..:D.

USHA said...

hey maheswari it was fun reading your meme,especially kid's act...

I even have habit of doing praying before going to bed,but justless than 5minutes....

Thanks for tagging,will come up in short...

Meat samosa looks great,i think for this chill weather,it would be a perfect snack too..

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Maheshwari,
this was fun reading your meme.Its makes us know each other very well i feel.

Sandeepa said...

hee, hee...your meme was very funny, nice reading.
You should thank your hubby and the lil' one for letting you keep the radio on, I would have never let my spouse do that.

the logo looks really very nice

the samosas are also great, ok for these samosas maybe I could listen to a bit of that radio

Trupti said...

Nice one....I too HATE doing the laundry, ughh..wish it would fold itself..had a laugh reading about your loud voice :)
Button for AFAM looks really nice!


Seema said...

A lot of thigs common between us. I hate folding clothes. I don't mind doing laundry but then folding and ironing clothes is so boring. I go crazy wehn I don't find things just like you and at night I love to sleep with some nice slow soothing music on( not news tho' ;-)).
Loved reading it all gal. Specially the leader thingy.

Maheswari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maheswari said...

Thanks Usha,..waiting for yours.If you come to my home, you can find half eaten chicken legs,cheese,chappathis all behind the sofa.That is lil' one fav.hiding places.Finally got H's watch..thank god.

Thanks Soumya, yeap i had a blast writing it.More fun while reading other's meme :D.

Thanks Sandeepa, yeap no complaints against H and lil' one especially on the bedtime matter.I think they changed according to me on many matters, i am greatful.

Thanks trupti, yeap they should find a robo for doing these things..:D.

Thanks Seema.When i say i don't mind doing laundry, only the folding mom laughs at me and she says "machine is doing all the work and you are saying i don't mind :)) " .I don't know why i just hate it, i could clean the house, wash vessels whole day..but laundry...noway..Another funny thing is i can't sleep if there is soothing music..funny right?..i don't know why?.So all night news...The advantage is i have world news on my finger tips all the time..:D.

Coffee said...

ahahahaha.... this is the funniest meme I have read in this series!!!! You are a lovely person.... and its great knowing about you!!! :)

Radio on the whole night!!!!! WAH!!! Your hubby and lil one are surely helping you :)

Thanks for this lovely entry maheshwari. :)

Sia's corner said...

ha ha ha... ur MEME is so funny. god!! i can't stop laughing... loved reading it and may be i will come back and read it again when i am in bad mood;)
thankgod that i dont have to worry abt making laudry coz my hubby does that for me:)
oh god!!! 20 mins of prayer? by the time i reach our bed i will be half asleep and by the time my head touches the pillow i start snoring;)
loved reading ur kid's pranks. do post more about ur little one:)
he he he he... i am still laughing girl... u made my day:)

Asha said...

Beautiful and colorful logo!Thank you so much for taking up my request.I have already pasted in all my entries to your event.Looks gorgeous!:))
Now I have to get Pooja to do one too and Trupti!

Maheswari said...

Thanks coffee, i had fun writing this.

Thanks sia, Glad you liked meme.Lucky you, H who does laundry.
I can only dream about my H doing Laundry ..:)).Blogger will throw me out if start blogging about my lil' one's everyday prnks..he throws so much that there is not enough space in blogger..:)).IMHO, he is the only MAN WHO KEEPS ME ON MY TOES...

Thanks Asha, for the suggestion

Mishmash ! said...

That was quite a funny one...I had a good laugh...esply reading about ur first and second characteristics :) Samosas looks perfect too :)


Prema Sundar said...

Meat samosas are wonderful.
Had great fun reading ur meme..I was just laughing loudlyand my daughter who was watching tv gave a wierd look..
My daughter has a big voice too.

Maheswari said...

Thanks Shn and Prema.Glad you liked the MEME.You had fun reading it, i am having fun living it..:D

Jyothsna said...

I had a good laugh reading your meme!!! You need some noise to fall asleep!! I'm just the opposite! You shd thank your hubby and kid for that! :)
Samosas look good too!

Mallugirl said...

wow. Thanks for ur kind words. I am sure there are lot of us now with a database of authentic recipes and cooking through each of ur recipes has made my cooking ur changes to the samosas..
On another note, ur meme was fascinating to read.. can't reconcile the loud vociferous girl with 20 minutes of prayers.. i am a morning prayer person!can't start the day without it.:)