Monday, August 11, 2008

Cooking With Ram - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ram, my 4 year old boy, loves to cook.I know....:D.Whenever i am cooking, he comes and put step stool near to the counter and stands on it.His most favourite thing about cooking is stirring.In his own words "stirring is coopking".Yeap, he can't say "cook" only "coopk".So when i decided to bake these cookies with my leftover chocolate chips, i made sure to tag him along.He was so happy and start mixing the dough.When i wanted to take pictures, he wouldn't even look at the camera, That busy .After so many request, got a smile from him.Wouldn't take my suggestions during the process..:(.After the first batch of cookies out of the oven, my Ram was long gone..:)

I followed the recipe from Ghirardelli's website.The cookies came out delicious and bit soft.Perfect combo for a glass of cold milk.

Very busy

No pictures Amma!

Finally a smile...

No..i wanna do it my way amma!

Chocolate chip Cookies


First ur kiddoo looks so cute..
Next,he has done an amazing job...
Puliku pirandadhu poonai aguma...(too much thaan illa)

Cookies looking so gud...but nothing compare to Ram's smile...looking so cute..

awww...he's a big boy now!!! :)

So cute, the little helper and those cookies look delicious!

what an adorable smile.

Cookies looks delicious.. Good to have a small helper. Your son is very cute.

An adorable helper! Isn't it fun when the kids want to help out!

What a smashing li'l helper :-)

So sweet. You are such a lucky mom. Amazing!

So sweet! This is a nice way to involve kids and keep them out of michief :)The cookied look delicious!

Cookies look perfect.... great job by ur kid :)
He has got a sweet smile :-)

tht is sooooo sweeet. way to go....he will be able to impress all his future galfriends by making delicious stuff in the kitchen, hehehehehe. really sweet. and love the stacked cookies too.

Maheshwari, it was so cute to see ur boy helping you.Infact my son too of same age enjoying whisking and baking cookies too.They are so helpful!!!!!.
Nice and lov stack of cookies.

Mahes, even u prepared ur son for the help :) The Litlle chef is cute!

this looks awesme,..nice click,..nd cookies look so crunchy,.

he is such an adorable boy, maheswari!! his smile is irresistible! ;-) the cookies look delicious! a chef in the making eh!?

great t hat ur son helps u in cooking...u have a surprise in my blog :)

I love Ram's cute smile:) He wud be very happy to bake himself:)

Can't hold the awards ... come and pick up yours ;)

Not sure if I have published my previous comment ;)

I love Ram's Cute smile. He would be very happy to bake himself:)

Can't hold the awards ... come and pick up yours ;)

cute lil fella you got there, takes after his mommy in the kitchen and after his daddy in knowing how to keep you smiling!!!! you're one lucky woman!!! nice cookies too!

Your son looks too cute..And the choc chip cookies look gorgeous..

Ram is looking so cute, and so are his cookies... pls. drop by my blog and pick up your award. :)

So it runs in the family.. papa makes delicious biryani & sonny makes lovely cookies. How sweet..
Love his smile:)

Little Ram looks so cute and the cookies look divine too.