Thursday, January 25, 2007

AFAM - Banana Round up

AFAM - A fruit A month, another blog event launched this month to shed light on the importance of fruits in our day to day diet.It's been very informative and fruitful to persons like me who is a bit "fruitlazy" ( there a word?).As suggested by one of our fellow foodie Lakshmik,"banana" was chosen as the theme for this month.Received delicious n'sensational banana recipes from shakes to pancakes.I went "bananas" over all these delicious entries.Thanks to all of you.

Now a bit more info about banana.Did you know banana plant is not a tree , 'its world's largest herb.This highly potassium contented fruit is recommended by doctors for blood pressure.Some of the other medicinal uses of banana being used for, anaemia,heartburn,smoking,weight control etc.Again,Banana plant is the most useful of all the plants.We use almost all parts of this plant for cooking and eating.

Banana photo source : Wikipedia
More info about banana :

Check out all the delicious entries below.Hold the mouse over the photo for the info about the entry and click on it to travel to the respective blog.

Banana Peanut butter sandwich by Asha-Foodie's hope

Banana pudding by Asha-Foodie's hope

Kale Podi by Manjula-Dalitoy

Monkeyshinejuice by Hema - EternalRecipes

Bananabread by Hema-EternalRecipes

Bananaboat by Hema-EternalRecipes

Plaintain pinwheels by Shaheen-Malabar spices

Banana sooji sheera by Trupti - Thespicewholoved me

Bananamuffins by Lakshmiammal-Cook Food Serve Love

Fruit salad by Seema-Recipejunction

Banana Peanutbutter smoothie by Maheswari-Beyond The Usual

Banana strawberry shake by Maheswari-Beyond The Ususal

Banana milkshake by Swapna-Tastes from my kitchen

Banana pancakes by Sandeepa-Bong Mom's Cookbook

Bananaloaf by Suma-Veggieplatter

Bananachat by Hema-VegetarianConcoctions

Thanks again to all of you for all your delicious entries and hoping all your support to make this event move forward with more fruit awareness.


USHA said...

That was really interesting colourful receipes of banana isn't it?.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Maheshwari! Excellent first roundup! Love the banana cursor:)) So, what's the next fruit?????

swapna susarla said...

hi maheswari
nice round up...

Anonymous said...

Maheswari, Excellent job! The event is a great success . Loved the cursor too!

Anonymous said...

waw...!great work on round up!Hope you had sacrificed your day for this round up

Anonymous said...

Now I got in!!..sigh..
Looks fabulous Mahesh!I have never seen such pretty round up anywhere and what a great collection of recipes.I am saving this post.Thank you for hosting.

Feb is the month of LOOOVEE!!!That means something ends with berry,red and starts with S and tastes good with Chocolate!!;D

Unknown said...

Thanks Usha,hema,swapna,lakshmi,
eternal,asha.I had fun doing this.
I took some time to get that perfect cursor :)).As asha sugeested letz have "Strawberry"-the fruit of love for February...Thanks to Asha for suggesting it.

TNL said...

Great Roundup many different recipes for a banana!
Thanks for bringing it to all of us.

Anonymous said...

LOVELY!!!!! Great job there Maheshwari!!!!
And the banana cursor is also lovely :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Maheshwari,
Wonderful roundup!!!! Soooooo many dishes using Banana....

Seema Bhat said...

Beautiful roundup lady!!!. Loved the way you put them all together. Will book mark this page. Now we all know what to make when we have extra bananas ripening

J said...

Hey Maheshwari, that was a good round up! The cursor was cute!! And I'm getting ready for your next AFAM - strawberry - excellent choice Asha! This time, I'll be there too.

Prema Sundar said...

wonderful recipes of banana .... wish i had taken part.. will surely participate in the next event. good job Maheshwari.. keep it up.

Yasmeen said...

I love bananas . Will try them all.

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