Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Banana-Peanut butter smoothie.

Snow...yeap..it was snowing the whole day yesterday.After about a full month of pretty "hot" winter, we are just slowly getting the touch of the real winter.Maybe mother nature thought...hmmm..OK....that's just enough for these people..letz bring out the snow.Yesterday it was snowing the whole day and i had to get out for groceries.Though H alerted me day before itself and asked me to buy everything which of course i neglected.So today here i am stuck with whatever in the pantry.Wanted to make banana milkshake but no ice cream and suddenly my fridge stopped making ice cubes..duh..so got stuck with bananas, which of course i brought a bunch as soon as it was selected as theme.So finally decided to make smoothie with banana and peanut butter which is Ram's favourite.So here goes the recipe,hope you enjoy it.This is my entry for AFAM-Banana


Banana - 1 (riped)
Peanut butter - 1 1/2tsp (used the fat free one)
Sugar - 1tbsp ( he likes it sweet, so i added lilttle more)
Cold milk - 1 cup (i use whole milk for him and 2% or skim milk for me)


Blend all together till smoothie is foamy.Garnish with banana slices.Serve it immediately.

Tips : To make bananas ripe faster, place them in a paper bag overnight.Frozen bananas are also good for smoothies.While making fruit salads using bananas, use little bit of lemon juice to prevent banana from turing brown,

For more about Banana and it's benefits click here


Asha said...

YUMMO!! Looks delicious and photo is great! My kids would love tis.Guess what I made for your second entry!:))

USHA said...


sailaja said...

Awesome picture of smoothie. My 4 yr old will love it. Nice entry, Maheswari!

Seema said...

Maheshwari, beautiful. Lovely photos. You made my mouth water dear. Love many of your recipes in here. Will blog-link you in my blog so i dont miss out any of your recipes from now on.

Nidhi said...

OH! my God, that looks so festive and party like...

Thanks for sharing.