Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tagged for the first time...

First, let me start by saying thanks to Hema from Vegetarian concoctions for tagging me.As a newcomer,when i first entered to this big world of blogging, always wondered what is this MEME,tagging etc.Came to some idea when i frequently visited some of the fellow bloggers sites.So this is my first time and i am glad that it is 'Five things to eat before I die’,which seems to be fairly easy to fill up.Atleast that's what i thought when i saw Hema's tag..but now when i started writing, it hard to chose just a 5 from thousands of things that i want to eat..:)))
I'm trying my level best here.First thing that crosses my mind is my mom's cooking.Since i have been away from her for the past 7-8 years, i really miss her cooking.So including her, i am listing "Five things to eat(AGAIN) before I die", 'coz i have tasted every one of them atlesat once and miss them alot.

1.Mom's Theeyal with vadakam, nobody can beat that.I have tried a thousand times but never upto her mark.It was tough to limit to one dish(mom's),but hey.. there is only 5 and want to give others a chance :)))

2.Chicken cutlet ,from a bakery near my Entrance coaching center(Trivandrum).Everyday after that class me and my friends go there to eat that special cutlet.

3.Kutti dosa with onion chutney, from a tattukada in our street..yummmy...

4.Vazhakka appam and Ulli vada from a small shop near our home....

5.Last but not least, Grandma's chola dosai with sarkarai ...miss the most..

I tag Priya of Sugar and Spice


Asha said...

OH!! your list is making my mouth water!! What great down home choices!! Hope you post atleast some of them if you know it!! Thanks for playing it!! I got tagged too for that & I posted it too!It was fun:D

Pradeep Madhanan said...

this is maheswari's brother.
all these items are my favourite too, by the way i am now in home for vacation and i am enjoying all these stuff,
poor sister !!!!!!!!!